At Vaportronix our goal is to provide the most convenient and best vaping experience.

With our patented technology and after 2 years in development we presented the world with our first product, The VQ.

Our goal from the start was to be able to have an Electronic Cigarette/Vaporizer that could always be with you and always be charged without the worry of ever remembering to charge it or remembering where you last put it.

With The VQ, we have solved both problems by providing a beautiful iPhone 6/6S case that holds and charges our VQStick continuously.

Always Charged!

Always With You!

Never Miss a Puff!

At Vaportronix, we never stop improving and innovating our products.

With the rise in popularity of the JUUL we have now committed to providing the best JUUL accessories possible.

With the VQ Lite, you now have a place to put your JUUL on the back of your phone, laptop, tablet, car dashboard, nightstand, or anywhere else you would want access to your JUUL without the worry of where you put it last.

We will continue to release new, innovative, products to solve some of JUUL customers biggest issues. 

Please keep up with us via our newsletter or on our social media for updates on new products.

Vaportronix, LLC

Hallandale, FL 33009

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